Exhibition & Symposium: 'Silver Speaks' Idea to Object curated by Corinne Julius

On Show at the V&A Museum, London

New for 2016: Title-Retro-ism * Silver Ice Tea Pot for One

 From 8th March 2016 to 2nd  July 2017 

Rajesh Gogna is interested in how silver 'lives' on furniture. He researched historical silverware and its traditional settings, with a view to developing a contemporary perspective.

Gogna wanted Retro-ism 'Ice Tea for One' to be functional, yet to appear frozen within a panel of ice. Gogna analysed the forms and functionality of historical everyday objects, using sketches and maquettes in a range of media. He created a photo diary to record the evolution of his design changes and then pared down the concept, before finally working directly in silver. He experimented with different materials for holding the vessel, before deciding on Acrylic. The teapot was made by blocking, raising and planishing, the stand by cutting and marking the Acrylic.

Rajesh Gogna 'Retro-ism Ice Tea for One', Ice Tea Set in Sterling Silver and Clear Acrylic


Silver Speaks Exhibition

When :  8 March 2016 - 2nd July 2017

Where : Silver, Room 66

Free, drop-in

DISPLAY: This display highlights the work of Contemporary British Silversmiths. It includes some of the best silversmiths practising in Britain today. Contemporary British Silversmiths is the re-branded title for the Association of British Designer Silversmiths, an organisation formed in 1996 which is committed to maintaining and developing the traditional silversmithing craft within the context of contemporary design. This display will concentrate on table silver and will be shown in the Silver Galleries where the National Collection of English Silver is exhibited. Every object included has been made specifically for this exhibition.

For more info https://shop.vam.ac.uk/whatson/index/view/id/1496/event/Silver-Speaks/dt/2016-03-08/free/1

Silver Speaks Symposium

What : Conferences & Symposia

When : Sat 11 June 2016 10:00

Where : The Lydia & Manfred Gorvy Lecture Theatre

SYMPOSIUM: This one-day symposium compliments 'Silver Speaks: Idea to Object', and will focus on the role of silver, its unique properties and how it has shaped British culture from the past to the present.

Leading cultural commentators, designers and silversmiths will explore silver across craft and design practices.
This symposium is in partnership with the Contemporary British Silversmiths and celebrates the joint 20th anniversary of the CBS and the V&A's Whiteley Silver Galleries.






Photos by Sylvain Deleu